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  • Dental

  • Tooth whitening

  • Routine dental check-up

  • Scaling and polishing

  • preventative dentistry

Examination and prevention

Thorough examination and check-ups.

Free check-ups for children under 7

We take the time to thoroughly examine all aspects of your whole oral system, teeth, mouth, jaw joints etc. We only take Xrays if necessary using latest technology to keep the dose as low as possible.

We will then show and discuss this information with you. We will put you in position where you can make informed choices about your oral health.

Gum Disease (Periodontal disease)

We always assess the condition of your gums to identify gum disease (symptoms such as bleeding gums or loose teeth). Latest research shows that gum disease has an impact on the body as a whole, in particular the heart. We treat and prevent gum disease using dental hygiene sessions and teaching new oral hygiene techniques.

Dental Hygiene sessions

Intensive cleaning sessions or a simple scale & polish as required. We will teach you new techniques and tips to keep your mouth beautifully clean.

Bad Breath

Assessment, treatment and prevention of bad breath (halitosis). Bad breath can come from lower down the digestive tract not just the mouth, and can be a sign of other systemic conditions. Treatment also improves your social life!

Mouth Cancer Screening

Dentists see deeper into you mouth than you may ever see yourself. Every visit we look around all the soft tissue and under the tongue for any thing unusual and have a prompt referral system (2 weeks for suspicious lesion). Early detection increases chances of survival.

Special Offers

For a limited time only, new patients registering at the practice can benefit from our offer.

Any new patient consultation will cost only £69.00 instead of our usual price of £79.00.

Please quote ‘New Patient Special’ when booking your appointment.