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Dental Implants

Do you have one or more missing teeth- or perhaps you are in need of an extraction due to tooth decay or damage? Perhaps you struggle with your current dentures- because they are loose, uncomfortable or unattractive? If so, why not find out more about dental implants- the truly modern solution to replacing missing teeth. Dental implants really could offer you a long-lasting, comfortable and natural looking solution to overcoming the various issues that can arise as the result of a missing tooth. Book your consultation for £50 now.

The effects of a missing tooth:

There can be many negative effects on your everyday life when you have a missing tooth. In the event of several missing teeth these effects can become significantly worse.
  • Your self Confidence- in a personal and professional way
  • Your appearance (the look of your teeth and also your facial features if you have several gaps)
  • Your ability to eat and drink
  • Your speech
  • You oral health- bad breath, increased risk of decay, movement of remaining teeth.

What is a dental implant?

Your natural tooth consists of two parts- the crown (or the white part you see in your mouth) and the root which is under the gum holding the tooth in place. A dental implant works by replicating a natural tooth with a titanium screw implanted into the jawbone and a manufactured crown or bridge attached to it. Overtime the screw fuses with the bone in your jaw- creating a strong and secure base. This means your implant does not move around- unlike dentures which can become loose over time. Implants can be used to replace one, several- even all of your teeth- as they can successfully support a single crown, a bridge or a denture.

Are they suitable for anyone?

Dental implants are generally suitable for most patients regardless of age. Provided that you are in good health and your gum and jaw is healthy enough to support implants.  If you smoke heavily or suffer from diabetes you will be at a higher risk of complications following surgery- therefore an alternative may be suggested to you. If you have suffered with previous gum disease don’t despair as it is possible to rebuild bone density with grafting or sinus lifting. For the best chances of success it’s important you keep your teeth clean and well brushed. Immediately following surgery you should start brushing the implant very gently to help prevent a layer of plaque building.

What is involved?

Both of our dentists trained at the Royal College of Surgeries in London and all our implant treatment plans are based on a thorough and systematic assessment of the patient and their personal and medical requirements. Every patient is different and you will be fully advised before any surgery so that you are aware of time frames, risks and the ways in which you can contribute to a positive outcome. In a straight forward case the placing of your implant will take around an hour. As your implants will be placed under a local anaesthetic you should not feel any pain during the procedure. You may however, notice a little pain in the following days and weeks. This should be relieved with standard painkillers. Your implant/s will require between 3 and 6 months to fuse with the jaw bone and a temporary restoration (or full dentures) can be worn over this time- until it is possible to fit the final crown.

Are dental implants successful?

In the majority of cases, yes they are- although there is always a chance of complications or failure. Implants are now routinely placed and are a highly popular (and often recommended) method for replacing missing teeth. On average, over 95% of those placed are successful and with good levels of oral health and regular long-term care they can last for up to 20 years-  and in most cases  longer! If you would like to know more, please call to arrange a £50 consultation appointment.