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White fillings

Our practice is amalgam free and you will only ever receive white fillings. Modern white filling materials have excellent success rates in all conditions and we pride ourselves on our skilful use of these materials.

Crowns, Bridges and Veneers

Crowns bridges and veneers are all similar in that they are restorations all custom made by hand by a dental technician and then fitted to the tooth. The are usually made from ceramic or precious metals such as gold. Crowns are like a little hat which sits over the tooth to protect it and provide strength and well as improving cosmetics. Bridges are similar to crowns but have an additional tooth attached to replace a missing neighbour.
Veneers are like a porcelain frontings permanently bonded to the front surface to a tooth to significantly change the colour and appearance of that tooth. Veneers can also be made from specially designed white filling materials if appropriate, this may be a lot cheaper than porcelain.