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When we meet someone new one of the first things we notice (and remember) is their smile. In this era of selfies and social media it’s hardly surprising that a beautiful bright white smile is desired by more people than ever before. Don’t hide your smile because you are embarrassed by yellowed, discoloured or dull looking teeth. At Avenue House Dental we offer whitening treatments to help restore your sparkle- allowing you to show off your teeth with confidence. Treatment with Phillips Zoom, a highly trusted and well-known brand, won’t just transform the look of your teeth but can often help them to feel healthier and stronger too. Our treatments are highly comfortable and will fit easily into your day. Give us a call soon!

In surgery treatment:

For those looking for a convenient and instant transformation then Phillips Zoom Power is the ultimate in chairside whitening. This type of in-surgery whitening generally gives more effective and rapid results and you will certainly notice a difference in around one hour. Once your gums have been protected we will apply a bleaching gel to your teeth- which will be used alongside a UV light to speed up the process. You'll then receive a home kit to carry on your treatment at home.

At Home:

For those seeking a handy and easy to use home whitening kit the Whitewash professional gel treatment will help to create a shiny beautiful smile over a couple of weeks. Following a consultation, we will take impressions of your teeth which will be used to make a customised tray. This will be supplied to you- along with a set of syringes and bleach. Use it as and when you want. We will normally recommend 2-3 hours per day for 2-3 weeks (other treatment regimes  are possible too). You’ll notice a difference within just a few applications- and some people can even notice a change after the first use. As an added bonus you will most likely notice that the look and feel of your tooth enamel improves- sometimes reducing any issues with sensitivity. Call us today to find out more.

The darkening of our teeth

Over time, our teeth naturally discolour. This is generally unavoidable and will happen to most of us. For some, this darkening happens more quickly as a result of certain lifestyle or diet habits- such as smoking or drinking dark things like coffee, rum, coke and wine (white or red!). No matter how well you look after your teeth it’s impossible to stop this colour change- because stains build up on the inside surface of our teeth. Brushing at home or scaling and polishing by the hygienist won’t remove it either- only tooth whitening removes staining from inside the teeth.

Is tooth whitening suitable and safe for me?

Provided it is done by a dental professional, tooth whitening is safe and suitable for use on most patients. While it is possible to remove stains from most teeth those with particularly bad staining may require more than one dose. Remember that tooth whitening doesn’t have an effect on false teeth such as crowns, fillings, dentures, bridges or any composite bonding which has been used to repair teeth. When performed by a qualified dentist, tooth whitening is very safe and has few side effects. The use of unregulated systems available to buy online could seriously damage your teeth and gums and should always be avoided.